Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a specialist area that deals with the preparation of Wills and other documentation to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes upon your death.

Whilst Estate Planning is generally not a topic many people enjoy considering, it is an essential aspect of everyone’s financial affairs. If done without proper consideration, your Estate Plan can create unnecessary emotional and financial heartache for your intended beneficiaries.

Your Will is the cornerstone of your Estate and Succession Plan. It outlines how you wish for your personal assets to be distributed and how your children are to be cared for. Your Will however, is limited in its ability to fully cater for all of your assets and interests. Your Will, for example, does not cover your superannuation benefits, nor does it allow you to distribute For this reason, having a simple Will prepared to manage your Estate is generally not enough to ensure your assets and interests are handled according to your wishes. What is actually required is an Estate and Succession Plan.

We can help you set up a robust Estate & Succession Plan which is tax effective. In certain circumstances, Testamentary Trusts can save your beneficiaries substantial Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty and/or income tax.

Developing an effective Estate and Succession Plan is all about asking the right questions.

"How do I give my assets to my intended beneficiaries in a tax effective manner?"

"Who will succeed me in my business or corporate interests?"

"Could my Estate by challenged?"

We can help you to ask the right questions, to ensure your assets and interests are distributed according to your wishes.

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