Agreed Price Service Plans

Bundle your accounting services together and save with Haslam Consulting & Accounting's Agreed Price Service Plans.

Agreed Price Service Plans

Bundle your accounting services together and save with our Agreed Price Service Plans.


The Benefits

There are many advantages to choosing an Agreed Price Service Plan including:

  • Fully Transparent Pricing - You will know exactly how much your accounting services will cost up front.
  • No Bill Shock - Never be surprised by an unexpected accounting bill.
  • Smooth Cashflow - Spreading your accounting fees across the year makes them more manageable than a big bill when your tax is completed.
  • Choice of Frequency - Easy direct debit payments by the week, fortnight or month
  • Added Extras - Minor incidental work such as enquiries, forwarding of documents, transaction coding assistance is all included at no extra cost.
  • Built In Discount - All services included in the Plan are discounted by 10% on our standard rates.


How It Works

It's easy to set up an Agreed Price Service Plan:

  1. We will discuss with you the work you would like us to complete this financial year.
  2. We will ask you whether you'd like to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.
  3. We will present a Propsal for the work to you, showing the breakdown of costs and the regular installment amount.
  4. You will sign a Direct Debit Agreement with us.
  5. We will take the regular payment directly from your bank account.
  6. If the scope of work changes during the year, your Agreed Price Service Plan will be amended and a new Direct Debit Agreement will need to be signed.



Agreed Price Service Plans are available to any of our clients whose annual accounting fees exceed $550 (including GST).


Request A Proposal

To get a proposal for your accounting fees, make an appointment or call us.


The Fine Print

Agreed Price Service Plans run from 1 July to 30 June.

Plans which are entered into after 1 July of the relevant year will be pro-rataed and may incur a higher regular payment owing to the smaller number of payments in the year.

Plans which are cancelled before 30 June of the relevant year will be considered nullified. An invoice for any work completed prior to the cancellation date will be issued in place of the Plan and any regular payments will be applied to that invoice. The 10% discount offered for the Plan will be forfeited.

While minor incidental work is included as part of the Plan at no extra charge, significant changes to the scope of work required will require the Plan to be amended.

If a payment under this agreement is dishonored by your bank, a catch-up payment will be debited in 7 days and an additional $20.00 service charge will be incurred by you.